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Brokenpen is a multi abled artist hailing from Angola, Africa living south east london. Pen as he is referred to by his peers has been performing since 28th November 2017 but writing since the age of 18, he now considers himself a wordsmith of sorts, and airbender of kinds and an all round lyricist.


Inspired by an eclectic mix of music and entertainment mediums such as drama and comedy Brokenpen aims to share the art from he has crafted in his bedroom for more than 8 years with anyone who resonates with the message he feels is given to him by the most high.

There is not much left to be said about Pen but when asked why his name is Brokenpen he stated, "my pen breaks everytime that i start writing from the weight of my life, its exciting emerging from the darkness just to realise that you've always been enlightened".

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