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Burning Poet is the South London based Spoken Word artist. Known for his love and conscious lyrics about his community. His honest, eloquent, engaging delivery style and content is drawn from his observations of his community and experiences.

first featuring at Poetic unity and going on to honing  his skills on the open mic cuircits of London.

His uniquely soulful collaborations with saxophonist Wadada has set him apart within his genre.

His uplifting and engaging style has most notably earned him performances at The Lambeth County Fair, Auntie Jean’s Sunday market, the Windrush Reparations march and an appearance as event host in Extreme Sunday Cabaret. Best known for his weekly slot hosting The Poetry Show on Unitydottcom radio showcasing the U.K’s upcoming poets. 


A second generation of the Windrush. son of Brixton and West Norwood

With a clear purpose to uplift and inspire change with loving and conscious spoken word, Burning Poet is set to perform at Premiere Poetry.

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