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Annotate graduated from London Metropolitan University in 2012, where he acquired a BA in Film and Broadcast Production. He is also a screenwriter and has written, directed and produced a number of short films designed to bridge the gap between film and poetry. He has particular interest in bringing attention to societal issue such as oppression, injustice, youth crime, domestic abuse and mental health.





JustRhyme is a Spoken-Word platform hosting refreshing feature acts, as well as an open-mic for all to participate in. It is an incredible night of poetry and entertainment founded and hosted by Annotate himself. To get involved; check out the instagram @justrhyme_ , contact the email below, or buy a ticket to the next event!

In addition to founding JustRhyme, Annotate also hosts The Outspoken Podcast alongside long term friend Just Nayeem.

This podcast is Real. Honest. and well... Outspoken. It is solution focused, and centres around the idea of sparking change.

It's available to listen to on Youtube/Soundcloud/Spotify/Castbox and iTunes.

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