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Performance Poet | Writer | Host | Public Speaker | Workshop Facilitator

Miss Yankey is a British/Ghanaian Performance Poet; Founder of Poetry Prescribed; Co-host, and Resident Poet at The Chocolate Poetry Club; and Open Mic Host at Mind Over Matter. As a performance Poet Miss Yankey has graced stages at The Royal Albert Hall, The Tate Modern Gallery, Althorp Literary Festival, and The Lambeth Country Show, to name just a few. 


She captivates her audiences with her honest and heartfelt poetry; often speaking up on behalf of the oppressed and silenced. Miss Yankey began writing poetry as a child, and carried her love of writing into adulthood. Upon learning more about the therapeutic benefits of poetry and creative writing, she realised that she had been unknowingly using poetry as a therapy for many, many years.


Combining her love of poetry, with her knowledge of holistic therapy, and passion for mental health awareness; Miss Yankey founded Poetry Prescribed in 2017, with the primary aim of improving people’s mental health and well being using poetry and creative writing.

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"Poetry is a catalyst for conversation"

Poetry Prescribed use spoken word poetry as a catalyst for conversation; to inspire thought, change, and creativity. Through poetry we can creatively connect to self, others, and our communities.  They provide a safe space for people to come together and learn about how both spoken word poetry and creative writing can help deal with difficult topics.


Their workshops explore poetry on a variety of topics including mental health, loss, celebrating women, a culture of violence, love and relationships, discrimination, and much more.  


Participants are invited to read, listen, speak, create, and share poetry in a safe and nurturing environment. In addition to signature workshops they also run workshops focused solely on creating, and on performance.

There are many benefits associated with poetry such as the relief of depressive symptoms, improvement of self-esteem and self- understanding, the promotion of empathy and understanding of others, and encouragement to express feelings to name just a few. Poetry Prescribed can offer a voice to those who have previously found it difficult to articulate and/or express what they feel- and is suitable for all ages, making it all inclusive.

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