The Music house was set up in 2018 by Natalie Stewart “The Floacist” and Maddix with a desire

to re-creating something old but something new, namely a Motown but in the UK. We felt that there was a need for a

place where artist’s could gather together and inspire each other to greater things,

so we found a place that we thought was suitable and invested in a recording studio and

opened the doors to “The Music House” 


We have created a new genre of music called “Word”. This new genre of music does not

rely on sung melodies or hooks, and there are no choruses or bridges that determine the

position or place in a song. This new genre of music just has spoken “word” and 

is accompanied by music in different ways.

When we are making the music for “Word” we do not use a computer to help create the music

we use a computer to help capture the moment of making the music which we play live. When

we are writing the music the poet will perform their peace and we play what ever we feel then and 

there. We have now deemed this practice as “Poetry In Motion”. 



MADDIX: Co-Founder ,Executive Producer, producer and musician at Music House.


I give thanks and praise to the “MOST HIGH” from whom all blessings flow!

Having been in the music Industry for over 30 years playing with and producing for recording artist's in

Gospel,Jazz,Reggae, Rock, RnB, Hip Hop, Rap,Jungle,Folk, Soul, Indie Rock,Blues and Neo-Soul

musically this is the most freedom I have felt as a musician or producer.

   Working with these incredibly talented poets has enabled us to create a new genre of music called "Word".

I hope as you listen to word music it will inspire you!