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Nate the Lyricist grew up in 90’s East London surrounded primarily by jazz, soul and hip hop

influences. As a result of his mother’s nurture, at an early age Nate had decided that he’d wanted to

be either an author or a poet, often writing creatively for his family at every opportunity that he got. During the inception of Grime music, Nate was among the 1st to engross himself in the scene regularly rubbing shoulders at youth clubs and studios with the likes of Jammer, Tinchy Strider, D Double E and Devlin to name a few.


Over time however, as Nate began to develop intellectually, he found that he was unable to

reconcile the spirit of his words with the knowledge that he had gained and ultimately (instead of

rebranding) he made the decision to stop writing for some time.


In early 2014 Nate was introduced to a developing spoken word scene by a close friend and was

amazed not only by the talent but by the content of the words spoken; it wasn’t long before he

became inspired to write once again. The poetry scene gave Nate the opportunity to showcase his lyrical talent, while educating those around on what he had learned and is continuing to learn.


An advocate of solutionary thought, Nate’s music is designed to empower, to educate and to elevate. Rhythmic rhyme schemes mixed with edu-taining content make each of Nate the Lyricists pieces both valuable and enjoyable to listen to.

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