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I started writing and performing poetry in January 2018, pretty much cause I was bullied into it by friends, at a poetry event. And thank the heavens they did. Spoken word for me has brung nothing but hope, family and purpose into my life. It has released gifts within me I didn't even realise I had. It's amazing what doors are opened for you when you step into the vortex, let it never close.

I've always enjoyed being behind the camera. Part of it was born out of necessity, when both your parents seem to enjoy getting half your head in the photo and majority just. space. I frequently take on the role of observer. People are very interesting, I like to capture their stories. 

Ah. Music. What better way to tap into the rhythm of life, if not with a song. I couldn't tell you when I started singing. But as a child, it was the key to channeling my emotions. Listening to music taught me that I wasn't alone with my experiences. And I want to do that for others.

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